Here's a place where you can sample some of my favourite music at the moment. I've provided a sample mp3 (in zip form), the lyrics (if there are any or if they can be found), and links to various resources for the artist so you can research them further. Think of this as a gateway into some music you may or may not have heard before. The top three to five pages will be pages where you can download songs, the rest are archives of the lyrics and where you can check the band out. Remember, if you really like a band, throw them some money every now and then through buying their cd or some merch at their shows, or through their independent website. There's nothing worse than you trying to help a band out, and buying their CD from a major record shop where they won't even see the majority of the money.

Also, I know this is unlikely, but if you are one of the artists/distributors of one of the artists I am featuring here and wish for your material not to be available here, just contact me and I will remove it asap. But also, keep in mind, all I'm doing is giving your music exposure, and you could be robbing potential fans of your material. If there are any additional links you'd like me to provide, just let me know, and I can do so as well.

Brackets [ ] around a song title means it's not longer available for download, but the page still contains lyrics, if applicable, & artist links.
Bars | | means the song is available for download.

| Shiny Toy Guns - Turn to Real Life |
| Filter - Miss Blue |
| Starflyer 59 - No New Kinda Story (C-Sharp) |
| 65daysofstatic - Radio Protector |
| Glassjaw - Two Tabs of Mescaline |
| Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart |
| The Radio Dept. - Why Won't You Talk About It? |
| LCD Soundsystem - Never as Tired as When I'm Waking Up |
| Banana Hands - Sea of Debree |
| Sufjan Stevens - Chicago |
| Catherine Wheel - Ursa Major Space Station |
[ Death in June - Little Black Angel ]
[ Deadsy - My Only Friend ]
[ Helium - Trixie's Star ]
[ Neutral Milk Hotel - Two-Headed Boy ]
[ Deathray - Goodnight, Goodnight ]
[ Her Space Holiday - Famous to Me (Hurtful Kid Mix) ]
[ The Anix - Sometimes ]
[ Kill Hannah - Courageous ]
[ The Autumns - Boy With the Aluminum Stilts ]