Helium - Trixie's Star;

mp3; Helium - Trixie's Star
album; The Dirt of Luck
official website; None
myspace; There's no definite myspace for them since they were formed & broke up way before myspace's time. (1992-1998)
notes; This song is from the same band from which the idea for my Honeycomb desktop came from. The CD both songs are off of is actually an extremely good and cheap CD compared to other CD prices today. I have yet to see it anywhere for more than $10 new, and that's just in offline stores. I bought it for $9, I believe.
Trixie says she's blown away by what she sees
There's a heaven, there's a heaven on the TV
There's a movie star for you and one for me
Someday it'd be so right, so right to be
Cruising and shooting and fking like some kind of movie

Little star of the heavens, tiny star above
Shiny, shiny light, tell me if i've got the love
Pick me up on your silver studded dove
We could watch down on us from above
To see how ugly and dirty and lost we were, this is so rough

Vita, Vita Nuova, cause it feels so right
Star of your birth, baby the brand new life
And the universe will move for you
That stupid curse fell through
While we were wondering what the hell to do