Deathray - Goodnight, Goodnight;

mp3; Deathray - Goodnight, Goodnight
album; Believe Me (They are currently all sold out of copies on their website, [I got one before they did, hehehe] but they say it will be available for digial purchase in the near future.)
official website;
The kid with custom polaroids
Just took your photograph
He's got the general's tailor on
His side

He's the one that solved the crime
He did all his paperwork on time
He got on his custom crutch and waved
"Goodnight, Goodnight"

When you were only nine years old
You saw a UFO
When it fell out of the summer sky
You cried

It could have been declassified
Or maybe just a trick of light
But when you spoke, it sounded like a lie;
"Goodnight, goodnight"

The kid in custom camouflage
Is taking orders now -
Can't tell you 'bout the secrets held

But don't forget that he has tried
To fake it until it felt right
To whisper like a lullaby:
"Goodnight, goodnight"