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march 12:

updated; basically everything
julie says; Notice anything different? I should hope so. I finally finished this layout and have gotten MOST of the bugs worked out. The site should look pretty decent in internet explorer, but if you're using firefox, well, not only do I disapproved, but I haven't worked out all the bugs in that browser yet. See, having two major browsers makes things difficult for web designers. Earlier, all I had to do was code for explorer. That's all I had to worry about. Sure, some people used opera, netscape, safari, etc, but not such a significant amount that I had to test the site in those browsers. Now that firefox is coming along, I had to download that, test the site in it, fix a few things, etcetc blahblah. However, explorer is my first priority to make the site work with since it's the default, and really, if you're having so many problems with explorer, there's something wrong with your computer. The only thing I can understand using firefox for is the tabbed browsing. But, with over 55% of my visitors using explorer, that's where I'm starting.
Ok, that's enough ranting from me in regards to the "browser wars," or what seems to be the second wave. But! Fluffy corpse has now reached version 3, and I'm happier with this layout than the previous. Now it sizes with resolutions and whatnot, which is something I had been fooling around with for a while but never actually put into play. Sure, there's still a few bugs, but if you notice anything major, could you please let me know? Leaving something on the tagboard is fine, but sending me an e-mail would be even better. Either way, I'll get your message, which is all I want.
And! The music section is finally up. Basically, I turned it into a place where you can sample some music I'm listening to at the moment. I'll try to change this as the songs I listen to change, which I'll probably be pretty good with. Basically, you can check it out to see for yourself, but I will feature two to three songs to download, as well as the lyrics and a link to their myspace, their official site, and their purevolume, if applicable. Hopefully, it can be a place for you to discover new music, which is the basic idea. Don't be afraid to take full advantage of it, but please, don't use my space to link to the songs from other websites. That's all I ask.
A few elements were deleted, mainly just my old mspaint stuff to free up a little space. I added a few more aim icons and 2 bigger icons. I also changed the descriptions of a few things that really needed to be changed, as well as updating the history. Basically, everything got updated.
Oh! And update your banners too.

february 26:

updated; nothing for now
julie says; So I've got a new layout all drawn out for the most part. Now I just have to put it into action. The only problem is, all of my source files (aka the raw photoshop files) from this layout are on my desktop that's still (yes, still) broken. Not cool. That means I'll have to be pulling everything from almost scratch. It's not so bad, I can use the gifs and such that I have on here for references. It's just going to be a bit of a pain, that's all. I'm probably going to start on the raw layout soon, and eventually get to the splicing and all that. It's going to take a while because my professors are starting to pile on the work, so we'll see when this gets done. I'm almost done with another desktop and I have a second in the works. So soon I should have some more desktops too.

january 23:

updated; nothing
julie says; So I've been on winter vacation from college, but I haven't really been working on anything that's worth posting. The most I've done is a painting that I could take a picture of and add to the archives. But that won't do you much good, now will it? I'm considering making a new layout, just because I've had this one for a while and I want to make it more suited to larger resolutions. Once I get my desktop fixed and I have the photoshop files for this layout to re-use some things, (since I want to make a similar looking layout, but just changed up a little) I'll start working on it. For now, I'll just do some planning and sketches and research on new elements. If you have any feedback on things you'd like to see changed, either drop me an e-mail or just leave a comment below.


december 2:

updated; desktops
julie says; Added two desktops that have been works in progress for the longest time. I've had the Honeycomb one done before I even started college. The second one I started one weekend at home when I was away from college and recently finished it. I still don't think it's finished and I feel like something else is missing from it. But still, it's good enough for a posting since I can't figure out what's missing. And, if you notice, it's now formatted for widescreens. That's because my newly acquired laptop is a widescreen. Most of my desktops from now on will be widescreens. Sorry if that inconveniences anyone, but I'm most likely going to make 2 versions of each desktop from now on. The only reason I didn't make a second version for the Postman is because my desktop is currently MIA (aka really broken). But, when it's fixed, I'll want my two computer wallpapers to match. So maybe eventually I'll have one, and I'll post my widescreen version of Honeycomb. But that's for another update.

october 3:

updated; nothing (yet)
julie says; The lack of updates I can attribute to the beginnings of college. I've been a busy person and have had no time for making things. I have one desktop I could put up that I've had made for a month or two, but you know I like to update in pairs. I've had a few inspirations, but haven't done anything with them yet. I've been having troubles with my desktop, so for now all I have is my laptop. Which means all partially begun work is lost until I can get that thing fixed. Everything I've ever made is on that thing, I only copied some things over to my laptop since it has a hard drive smaller than my desktop by about 20 GB. Hopefully I can get it fixed soon, but I'll probably end up having to buy a new motherboard. Which meansss UPGRADE!

july 4:

updated; desktops
julie says; I added two new desktops to the collection. These two look kind of similar and both feature my two favourite Interpol songs. You can tell that I've been switching up my style lately, this one's similar to the robot desktop. They're pretty basic, but I like them.

june 19:

updated; about me, everything in the stuff section, desktops
julie says; Probably the biggest update I've done in a while. I only updated the music in the about me section, no big deal. In the stuff section however, I deleted a few old stupid things I had hanging around and I added some things I found in the archives of my documents folder. I also added a photoshop section which will just include things that can't be considered icons or desktops.
I also deleted many old desktops that I just hated seeing lying around. I don't know, a lot of the time I just don't like seeing my old work hanging around because of how sloppy it was compaired to my newer stuff. I hope I didn't delete anything you liked, and if I did and you didn't get to save it, you can always e-mail me and ask me for one in particular.

may 7:

updated; desktops
julie says; 2 desktops have been added to the collection. The first one aka the Weezer desktop, I've had it made for a while now, but just never had one to pair it with to post. I've spent the most time on that desktop out of any desktop I've ever made. I searched for many different ocean, coastal, and grass pictures. Then began the CUTTING, which took an excessive amount of time. Once everything was pieced together, a week had passed and I was finished. It's probably the best desktop I've made so far, but that's up to you to decide.
The second desktop has been a work in progress for a while. I started the robot, wasn't happy, closed it for a few weeks, opened it again, didn't like it and scrapped half of it, readjusted everything, and finally came out with what I have as the desktop. The pills off to the side and the thought bubble were additions thought of after-the-fact while it was being finalized. There's really no message behind it other than that robots can love pills too. It was just an image I had in my head one day.

march 1:

updated; desktops, some ads (etc on that area), icons
julie says; Actually, I have been updating this website, just not announcing it. I removed the little friend buttons because really, I don't feel like keeping up with them and editing them, etc. But, today I did add two new desktops thanks to my snow day. I also updated the icons page and added the pete & pete icons I've made over the past few months. Enjoy the goodiessss


december 15:

updated; desktops
julie says; I actually did something!! I finished two new desktops in a new style. I don't know where it came from either, I just kind of got this idea and went with it. I kind of think of it as chalk-like I suppose. Smashing Pumpkins music is just really inspiring when it comes to stuff. I have more icons to throw on this website too, I just haven't yet. I'm sure that will be my next update.

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