february 23:

updated; my LIFE
Wow, this is the first time I've updated this year?! Geez, I'm behind. Anyway, I've got plans for my domain, don't you worry. I have concepts going for the main page and three additional websites. Also for this one. I feel like I've mentioned this before, but fluffy corpse might eventually just become an archive of itself and all the content may break off into separate websites. I'm 60% sure this is what's going to happen, but I'm not quite sure yet. I need to do some more planning. Basically, I'm going to be working on making specialized websites instead of just one website with EVERYTHING. This way I can work more on my favourite part; design. Oh how I miss it. I've been doing too much school & videogame related things lately, bad me bad me. But eventually, will be my main site, with separate sections for music, desktops, tablet drawings, & writings. That's what I'm hoping for, at least. And that's just the beginning. Probably another for photographs. We'll seeeee!


december 11:

updated; +2 & -1 music
I don't know why, but I decided to do a little music update before work. I think I'm just avoiding working on my five page paper that's due tomorrow. I mean, I do have to close tonight at work, so honestly, I have like no time to work on it. I'm basically killing myself here. Awesome! At least I get tips today.
Also, this person's profile made me laugh. Name connection? Maybe? Many laughs. Nice life.

december 3:

updated; +6 & -3 music
Today I basically just did a nice little music update. You can now download the likes of 65daysofstatic, Glassjaw, LCD Soundsystem, Starflyer 59, The Radio Dept., and Joy Division. The songs I removed have been up for a while, so if you hadn't gotten them by now, too bad I guess! 10 songs for download will probably be my constant number now, unless I really want to add something and still keep something up.
I've been trying to work on the layout for nerve-gas too, but it's so hard for me to materialize my thoughts & ideas. I have everything all done out and planned on paper, but this is definitely the most difficult part for me. I always have to cut corners and sacrifice details because I can't seem to get them exactly the way I want them. I do this with a lot of things though, not just website layouts. I'm giving it a break for now and hopefully when I come back to it, I'll be able to get somewhat of what I want. I'll probably start working on it again sometime this week, hopefully. We'll see.

november 12:

updated; +2 desktops, +3 & -1 music, julie, banners, the left frame, and probably something else I'm forgetting
I've been working yesterday as well as today on this update. I threw in two desktops that I've made while the website's been on hiatus. They're nothing special; kind of filler desktops that I made because I was getting tired of looking at the same one, aha. I have a few work in progresses, but I just haven't had the real time to put into them. I'm also partly waiting until Christmas when I get the money to buy a tablet. yayyyy, I'm so excited. I've wanted one for years, but just have never wanted to dish the money out for one. But I told my mom that's all I want from her & my grandmother (even though I know they're going to buy other things).
I also added three more songs. I'll be able to keep more songs up now because of the GIGANTIC amount of space my friend who's hosting me has. I won't keep too many up, maybe just delete one every now and then as I update. I'll try to keep it to a maximum of no more than ten songs at once.
I also updated some other little miscellaneous things, some just formatting, and some just tidbits of info in my bio. Nothing too crazy.
I'll be spending a lot of my website-time now focusing on a layout for I'm also going to decide what I want to do with it, as well as with this website. I may end up splitting my music from fluffy corpse and keeping fluffy corpse strictly for photoshop & corel paint (and mspaint) endeavors. However, I don't want a website solely based on music, because I feel like I won't have much content. I'm also thinking of setting up a site where I share some of my writing, but I'm not sure yet. I've still got a lot of ideas, and it takes me a while to process them. Hopefully I'll have something tangible before the year turns.

november 11:

updated; new domain!! & about
So fluffy corpse is back again, but this time under my own domain. My website is now hosted by superduper Ken & his insane amount of webspace. The website will be undergoing a lot of changes in the next few weeks/days/whenever I have time, so don't be surprised if things get moved around and such.

october 11:

updated; +2 music, +2 aim icons, +2 big icons
Today's just a small update on the music page. I added two new songs, one by Deadsy and the other by Death in June. I hope you enjoy them, I've been listening to them a lot lately.
I also added a total of 4 icons to the icons pages. The two aim icons are just of the (2nd gen) NEDM cat (which is the one I'm using now) and one of a desktop I made that was just sort of a filler I used a few months ago when I wanted a quick new one. The two big icons are ones I'm using on my livejournal right now, one of cyclops from x-men evolutions, featuring one of his HAY GUYZ faces. The other is of Suzie from the game Killer7. She's my favourite personality in the game, so it's fitting.

september 30:

updated; this page lolz
Well, it's been a while, hasn't it? I was busy with the end of freshman year of college & the beginning of sophomore year. It's quite a thing to be busy with. I also started a new job a month ago & that's taking up as much time as my school work, pretty much. I haven't had much time for personal projects. Most of my time has been taken up by the videogame Killer7 & Sims 2. I have one big unfinished desktop I started monthss ago, but just never got to finishing. I started a new idea today, but I don't know if I'll actually do it. I'm not feeling too passionate about this one.
I'm also starting a side-project too, soon. I'll be working on a website for a local tattoo & piercing parlour. I'll provide the link once I actually start doing work on it. It doesn't look all that great right now.
I also plan on modding one of the banners I have for this website. I don't really like the way it looks, so I'll be fixing it at some point. Basically, I've got my work cut out for me. Plan on seeing a music update soon too. At least within October.

april 23:

updated; +2 desktop
I added two new desktops, both inspired by Zeromancer songs, both of the same style. One I made a few months back, maybe two months, and have been making touch-ups on it since then. The other, from the song Cupola, I started maybe a month ago, didn't touch, and finally finished last night/this morning. If you really really really want a non-wide-screen version of one of these, let me know. It's much easier for me to adapt it to a 1024x768 considering I have the source files.

april 9:

updated; +2 music
Added two more songs for you to download and deleted the last two. This time, I added songs by Neutral Milk Hotel and Helium. I also added in a way for you to identify which pages have songs available for download.

march 18:

updated; music
I added three more songs for download in the music section. I kept the Kill Hannah and The Autumn's songs, and also added songs by The Anix, Her Space Holiday, and Deathray.
I also changed up the css for this page a little bit so the news may be easier to read, depending on what font you like I suppose. I also added headers on the news pages to show where the years start. That way, when looking through the archives, it's easier to determine what year that specific piece of news came from.

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