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december 4:

updated; --
julie says; Since my sister likes to visit my website so much, I'll have to update soon.

september 30:

updated; aboutme
julie says; Oh my, I haven't updated in a while. Mostly because I finally got a job, I work 29 hours a week, and I'm a senior in high school. It's a hell of a lot of work and my updates will be limited. Who knows, maybe I'll update in the future soon when my work dies down. I'm probably going to put up all my flash movies here since no other site links to them right now, which is a shame. BUT WE WILL CHANGE THAT!
Oh, and I updated the about me page, ok. Since I'm single now and have been for a while and I updated the bands and stuff.

july 14:

updated; icons
julie says; I just added some more icons today that I haven't had the chance to before. I added some to both sections. The last few larger sized icons are from mspaint drawings I've done. I figure those are better to turn into icons than just some image or something. Okay cool, enjoy them.

july 13:

updated; desktops, julie
julie says; Well, it's been a while, huh? WHY YES, YES IT HAS. My birthday was the 11th. I have a new boyfriend. I listen to a lot more music, but I don't feel like updating my music section right now. You're lucky enough to get two new desktops from me today. So be happy, feel special, and make your desktop pretty with either JESUS or BILLY IDOL. (Billy Idol is close enough to Jesus in his own way, if not greater.)

may 8:

updated; icons, julie, cache
julie says; I've had a rough week, so with extra free time and nothing else to do, I might end up updating the website more. I divided the icons page up into two sections for really no reason, I just kind of wanted to do it. I also updated my about me page a bit, but not much. And, I also started a cache of the news pages. I'm going to keep it a limit of 10 news updates a max per page. It will make things more fun.

may 2:

updated; desktops
julie says; My life likes to do things, hence the lack of updates. Let's see, I divided the desktops page into two pages, and I'm going to put a max of 16 desktops on each page now. I added two new ones, and I'm in the process of making more. Next update I'll put those desktops and some new icons that I've made.
Oh, I also updated the song title on one of the desktops I made aka just updating the artist because I had it wrong.

march 19:

updated; css, desktops
julie says; I put two new desktops up. One relating to the website and another for a song I currently can't stop playing, even though I used to loathe the band. I also can't believe I had "1024 x 7680" listed as the resolution for some of the desktops. I quickly changed that. I fixed up the scrollbars to give them a better and more . . . I can't think of the right word, but they all match now.
I should make more icons. And when I do, I'll divide them into separate pages so they're easier to find.

march 13:

updated; icons, julie, advertisements
julie says; I've been working on more flash movies for poned.com, so you can look at those. They're fun. I did update the icons page with some AIM icons that I've been meaning to put up, but just never did. Sometime I'll resize them all to 48 by 48, because that's the actual dimension without distortion. AIM just lies to you and adds on 1636 more unnecessary pixels to the discription. I also amended my bio a bit.
I also added a button and banner you can use to link to this website. Like this thing:

How cute and fun. You can go see the banner in the "stuff" section.

february 20:

updated; nothing
julie says; I am now an MSPaint/crappy flash artist at poned.com. It's a quality site, check it out.

february 18:

updated; desktops
julie says; Added a HAND DRAWN desktop. Enjoy it.

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