2011.10.18 03:39:45

so i should get back into the world of web design, or something. a lot has changed since i was 13! sometimes i wish i saved my old angelfire pages...
eastern STANDARD time

2009.08.18 11:04:37

i'll just leave this here.

2009.02.17 22:27:11

hi pete.

2008.09.07 19:12:47

i have to admit, i've been neglecting this site, among others. i just moved in for my senior (and hopefully final) year of college and i'm just waiting for things to get crazy. i still have that site i've been meaning to put up in the works - the folder with the finished html is sitting on my desktop. it's just a matter of me making it look good. i haven't even hooked up my tablet yet, bad me. maybe i'll do that now.

2008.02.20 15:22:05

i've been working on my next site the past few days. i updated the preview page and a few other pages. not like there are a lot or anything. i've coded the site's main layout but that's it for now. i still need a name, to actually draw the layout, and get everything ready to post. it'll be up as soon as i get the layout set.

2007.05.31 15:24:28

i'm out of school! for the summer! it's been a long time since i've touched this page, but i've been doing concept drawings for other sites. i've been super stressed and super tired and super ___some negative feeling___ due to school, but hopefully it'll clear up. i want to get back to my passion again, i.e. websites. i miss it, i do. expect updates when i get my life back.

2007.02.23 22:51:39

welcome to the new first layout for nerve-gas.net! you'll probably notice the states of the pages changing periodically without notice, so don't worry, that's just me messing around with things. i'm going to be doing a lot of testing and a lot of throwing new pages around, etc. don't mind me. fluffy corpse's fate will also be announced soon, most likely tomorrow or sunday. i'm just working through the details of this layout right now, getting font sizes and just the stupid little technical stuff sorted out. but, the bulk of the work is done for now! exciting.