Of course, we all want to know about the webmaster who owns the sites we like to visit. So, here's your opportunity to learn a bit about me.

| Name | Julie is my nickname, my real name is Julianne.
| DOB | July 11, 1987
| Gender | Female.
| Location | Massachusetts
| Height | 5'1" (Since sixth grade, and maybe even before that.)
| Background | About 75% Portuguese, 15% Italian, and the rest is a mix of other things.
| Cars | Currently a 1997 mint green Saturn SL2. Previous car is a 1993 medium blue Saturn SL2.
| Hobbies | Web design (obviously), writing, music, latch-hook rugs, the computer, videogames, drawing comics/pictures, clothing design, friends, DDR, driving, flash movies, painting.
| Quirks | Locking the door unknowingly after I get in a car. Picking at my hair. Always chewing on something. I prefer knee-high socks. I'm a semi perfectionist. I can officially say that Jimmy Falon made fun of my high school on SNL. I clench my teeth in my sleep and used to bite the side of my mouth. I have to open candy wrappers or Christmas presents while keeping the wrapper intact. I am hardly ever satisfied with myself. I eat normally when I'm happy, and hardly eat at all when my mood sucks.
| Allergies | Massive amounts of pollen or dust or mold spores, long haired cats, strong perfumes, freshly cut grass, too much mint, peppermint, MSG.

Favourite . . .
| Bands | This changes fairly frequently, but not too frequently. You can always check out my music section for my latest obsessions. For now, my favourites are Failure, Vanity Beach, The Anix, Kill Hannah, Deadsy, 65daysofstatic, The Autumns, Deathray, Neutral Milk Hotel, Basshunter, Hum, Death in June, Cassette, Starflyer 59, Chromeo, Sufjan Stevens, By the End of Tonight, Club Decease, TV on the Radio, The Radio Dept., and Suede.
| Shoes | Green and orange sauconys I bought for $7 because they were store samples, black and pink asics, and my black boots with the pockets that are falling apart and mainly just my work shoes now.
| Colors | Black, white, grey/silver, orange, and pink.
| Foods | Baked ziti with a lot of cheese. Pizza. Ribs with a lot of barbecue sauce. Tortellini. Rice, preferably coconut rice. Shrimp. Lobster. Barbeque chicken. Bread. Tomato soup. Crab.
| Cat | Calicoooo! and those little tiger-ish looking kitties.