version 3;
Version 3, my most recent layout, was developed in the months of February and March of 2006 and was officially updated on March 12, 2006. I was just simply growing tired of the layout and how it was so compact, sitting to the far left of the screen. This was even more evident to me with the purchase of my widescreen laptop. So much of the screen was being neglected and needed to be filled up at least somewhat. I began experimenting with iframes in tables (and my love for pills), giving quite a lot of flexibility when it comes to sizing. And version 3 was the result.

On November 11, 2006, I purchased the domain, nerve-gas.net, through godaddy. Ken, a friend of mine, made the offer to host my website because of the HUUUUGE amount of space he gets through dreamhost. With this purchase, fluffy corpse is now a sort of sub-website off of nerve-gas.net, rather than being my main personal website.

version 2 & under;
This website name came to me during school on September 22, 2003. I was at lunch with my friends Val, Brendon, and Daan. Brendon (of all people) brought up something about perfume. Then he was talking about if I had a perfume, what it would be called. He said something like "Death, Morbid, DEATH." So I said, "No, it has to be cute at the same time. Like . . . FLUFFY CORPSE!" And thus the site name was born.

I started scribbling down things in my classes throughout the day. After some planning, I came up with the bunny as my little mascot: the bunny that has been misinterpreted as such things as a cloud. But, rest assure, it is a bunny.

tag-line history;
Version 1: Making death cute
Version 2: Making death even cuter
Version 3: Death has never been this cute

before fluffyc;
This site began as its full name, "Julie's Random Site of Random Things that are Random," way back in early 2002. I wish I could remember the exact date, but it's somewhere in April or May. Back then, it was hosted on Angelfire with its evil, evil pop-ups. I began making websites in the summer of 2001, and I've always made my websites on Angelfire. Around the time of my third layout, I made an abbreviation for the site name, "JRSoRTtaR" and it just stuck.

On March 26, 2003 I switched hosts, and now Val hosts my website. No more pop-ups! Yay! Soon after, on April 10, 2003, I changed my website's name to [Union of] androgyny after lyrics to a song by Orgy. During that time, I was contemplating turning the site into an Orgy fansite. However, my love for Orgy isn't as great as it was. So I threw that idea out.

Then, I was ready for a layout change. But, changing the layout to something non-Orgyish with that name wouldn't quite work. So, I'm keeping this name because it can apply to other layouts as well.