i bought the domain nerve-gas.net on november 11, 2006. as for hosting, that's thanks to my friend ken at the-vent.net. nerve-gas itself was virtually blank until february 23, 2007. in the 3 months+ in between time, it merely served as a redirection to my previous website, fluffy corpse, which was transferred here from my previous hosting and domain thanks to val.


the layout of nerve-gas is modeled after the chemical structure of the nerve agent sarin. i just manipulated the angle of the little atoms to make it more "website friendly." each atom or molecule is represented by its own coloured circle. each sub-site of nerve-gas.net is assigned to one of these circles. when you click on it, it gives the date last updated and an image linking to the site. the blank circles link to previews or ideas for upcoming sites. the circles below the frame are links to contact information and accounts i have on some other sites.


i'll always have a personal website, that's one of those universal truths. i've had one since i was 11 or 12; i've been working with html and computers just as long. 9 years and i'm not done yet.

i'd like to eventually start selling some things i make on here - at least ones i can part with, which will be hard.